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Our Dental Technology and Materials

teethXrayDr. Q Dental uses high-quality equipment, dental appliances, and materials to provide patients with durable, attractive results and a better patient experience.

Intraoral cameras and viewing monitors make it easier for you to see dental concerns and to understand treatment options. Dr. Q uses the camera to display the inside of your mouth on a screen that you can view from your dental chair. She and her staff can save images directly to your file for later consultation.

Digital radiography employs 90% less radiation than regular X-ray machines. Our device uses digital sensors instead of photographic film. The process is much faster and lets you receive treatment sooner.

Laser teeth whitening by Dr. Q Dental combines light-accelerated bleaching with our dental-grade hydrogen whitening gel. The advanced technology that we use means you receive excellent results within about an hour in a single visit.

Comfortable leather dental chairs improve your dental visit, whether you are in for a cleaning or an extensive procedure. Our investment in your care provides a better overall experience.

Fiber optic dental handpieces provide long-lasting, energy-efficient light during treatment. It’s a small measure that makes a big difference, allowing us to conduct thorough, precise procedures.

Cosmetic imaging software lets our team show you how suggested treatment options may look after a procedure. We can help you envision straighter teeth, gaps filled with natural-looking replacements, a whiter smile, and more.

Our Materials

The type of materials your dentist uses are as important as the tools and techniques she employs. That’s why Dr. Q Dental chooses components backed by established dental research and best practices:

  • We typically elect for full porcelain or porcelain-on-zirconia crown materials.
  • When the situation requires metal fillings, we choose biocompatible materials. This decision makes the filling look more natural and helps patients avoid irritation from metal allergy.
  • We only use laboratories inside of the United States for producing veneers and crowns. We find that production quality is much higher with domestic providers.

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Why Patients Choose Dr. Q Dental

Looking for a Monrovia dentist? Our practice has distinguished itself in several ways:

A caring approach. Dr. Q and her team understand that going to the dentist can be a difficult experience for some patients. We take the time to understand your concerns, answer your questions, and give you confidence in our work. We also take steps that make your experience as comfortable and anxiety-free as possible.

Consideration for your time. Dr. Q Dental works hard to keep patient appointments on schedule and to provide efficient, effective procedures. We know that patients must often plan appointments in the middle of a busy day, and so we help you get the care you need and get on your way.

A high degree of skill. Dr. Q evaluates her work as your Monrovia dentist by the quality of the results she provides as well as your satisfaction with the experience. She trains in the latest dental techniques, uses high-quality technology and materials for procedures, and is dedicated to providing you with excellent care.

139 e colorado blvd #1, Monrovia CA 91016