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Advanced Dental Technologies

It’s been said that everything in life can and will be made better. Many of us need only look at our smart phone to see this idea in action. Things that were once the stuff of science fiction are fast becoming realities and the field of dental science is no exception. We at Dr. Q Dental are committed to adopting the best new dental technologies Monrovia patients like you can benefit from with time savings and enhanced care.

DEXISDEXIS: Safer, Faster, Better

One of the technologies we’ve adopted to improve your care with us is the DEXIS imaging system. This technology provides a number of advantages over traditional dental x-rays, such as:

  • Superior Image Quality and Options: not only does DEXIS provide vastly clearer and more consistently usable dental images, but it even outperforms other popular imaging systems in use by dental practices today. It also provides immediate images, eliminating development time, and offers the ability to zoom in to areas of potential concern for enhanced treatment planning.
  • Greater Patient Comfort: if you’ve ever had traditional x-rays before, you know they’re anything but comfortable. The DEXIS imaging sensor provides greatly improved comfort over traditional x-rays and was even preferred by 9 out of 10 patients when compared with another leading technology.
  • Faster Imaging for Less Exposure: More reliable imaging results in less patient exposure to x-rays than traditional methods, but even better, the DEXIS system is up to 3.3 times faster than other methods of imaging, further decreasing exposure and saving you time.

For patients in Monrovia, DEXIS dental imaging technology means better visibility to potential dental issues in less time and, ultimately, better overall care.

CariVu: What It Means To You

Another exciting new technology that works as an extension of the DEXIS system is called CariVu. CariVu is a compact, portable detection device that is used to spot potential problems in the teeth. Some of the benefits of this method are:

  • Ease of Use: using a safe, near-infrared light, tooth enamel is made transparent, with lesions appearing as clearly defined black areas similar to x-rays for ease of detection. Also, unlike fluorescent imaging technology, CariVu doesn’t require the removal of bacteria from teeth prior to imaging to get a clear result.
  • Early Detection: if questionable areas are found in x-rays, the transillumination of the CariVu can provide clarity by showing lesions at their beginning stages, giving greater insight into the necessary treatment course and providing more opportunities for preventive care.
  • Alternative to X-Rays: for some patients, x-rays are simply out of the question. Whether this is due to personal preference or due to pregnancy or other conditions, CariVu offers a safe and acceptable alternative for those who are x-ray averse.

The Dr. Q Dental Difference

At Dr. Q Dental, you’re more than just a name in a time slot – you’re family. We pride ourselves on providing the very best care available, including new dental technologies, to Monrovia patients like you. Couple that with our personalized approach and inviting atmosphere and you’ve got a dental practice that you’ll be happy to visit every single time. If you’d like to learn more about the technologies we use at Dr. Q Dental or if you have other questions, our friendly staff is available and happy to help you.

Monrovia’s Dr. Q Dental employs the best new dental technologies to provide superior care. Call 626.599.9818 to schedule your appointment today.

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Why Patients Choose Dr. Q Dental

Looking for a Monrovia dentist? Our practice has distinguished itself in several ways:

A caring approach. Dr. Q and her team understand that going to the dentist can be a difficult experience for some patients. We take the time to understand your concerns, answer your questions, and give you confidence in our work. We also take steps that make your experience as comfortable and anxiety-free as possible.

Consideration for your time. Dr. Q Dental works hard to keep patient appointments on schedule and to provide efficient, effective procedures. We know that patients must often plan appointments in the middle of a busy day, and so we help you get the care you need and get on your way.

A high degree of skill. Dr. Q evaluates her work as your Monrovia dentist by the quality of the results she provides as well as your satisfaction with the experience. She trains in the latest dental techniques, uses high-quality technology and materials for procedures, and is dedicated to providing you with excellent care.

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